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Agility: The Secret To Success In The Digital Era

By Diana Blass, CRN

GreenPages Technology Solutions is helping clients thrive in the digital transformation era. Recently, executives from the cloud strategic services provider headquartered in Kittery, Maine discussed ways companies can move from a traditional business model to hybrid IT in an interview with CRNtv.

“Events are going to happen, you can’t predict those events. When those events happen, how well and quickly you respond to those events will define whether or not you’re ahead of the curve or behind the curve – focus on agility,” said Jay Keating, senior vice president, Managed Services at GreenPages.

GreenPages urges customers to have a business discussion first and a technology discussion second. GreenPages CEO Ron Dupler says organizations must be focused first and foremost on business outcomes which will drive innovation.

“If you take two companies and they innovate at the same pace equally, ultimately it comes down to who can execute on their ideas, their creative ideas, who wins,” said Ron Dupler, CEO of GreenPages. “Ultimately to compete and win in the digital era, you need to drive organizational agility, be nimble, be able to change quickly and react to surprises.”

One of the biggest challenges of digital transformation centers around cost, according to Randy Becker, CTO at GreenPages. Becker told CRNtv that many customers are looking for direction when moving infrastructure to AWS or Azure.

“Everything is a check box – everything you add on is going to cost something. So, it’s great all the features and functionalities are there but it is going to cost something. And, what are the benefits going to be?

Meanwhile, the speed of innovation has forced companies to take new risks like they never have before. Simon Johnson, senior vice president of Client Relations at GreenPages, suggests that companies carve up applications into microservices, so that companies can more easily test out their uses.

“It is both exciting and a huge challenge to keep up with it. Technologies pivot and come and go on a monthly basis,” he said. “

Johnson said GreenPages’ move from a product to a digital transformation services organization is paying off with big benefits to customers. In fact, Johnson said, customers that engage in digital transformation are delivering applications at a 100 percent faster rate and capturing additional market share with revenue increases of 25-40 percent.

For more tips watch CRNtv’s video with GreenPages included in this article.

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