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GreenPages’ Own Journey to the Cloud – Why We Did It

In my last post I told you that “The Vision Is Complete” – we’ve completed our move to “The Cloud.”   Today, I’m going to roll back to the beginning and discuss the vision itself (i.e. the “WHY”).

The Vision

The ultimate goal of any I.T. infrastructure is to provide consistent, reliable access to end users.  However, this goal is typically reserved for “local” users (i.e. the ones in the physical offices); remote users are usually stuck with limited access, using completely different systems and interfaces.

Our goal is to create an I.T. infrastructure that provides that consistent, reliable access to ALL end users, regardless of whether they are in a corporate office, working from home, traveling on a train, or even if they are sitting on the beach – if they have access to an internet signal, they should be able to get to their system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

But we’re not stopping there.  That reliable access should not only be available from any place, but it should be available whether there is a blizzard, heavy rain, ice storms, or even when the power is out. 

Finally, those systems should be available on a laptop, desktop, tablet PC, or smartphone.

In short, users should have consistent, reliable access to their systems:

  • From Any Place
  • At Any Time
  • Using Any Device

Oh yeah – your users should be able to hop from place to place, and device to device, at any time, without interrupting their work stream.

THAT’S the vision.

In my next post, I’ll tell you what we did at GreenPages to actually do it.