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GreenPages-LogicsOne Celebrates 25 Years of Delivering IT Innovation

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GreenPages CEO, Ron Dupler

This April we are celebrating GreenPages’ 25th anniversary. As we mark this occasion and on behalf of Team GreenPages, I want to thank our customers—the driving force behind our 25-year journey. I also want to thank our technology partners for your ongoing support and dedication to innovation and excellence.

In April of 1992, an entrepreneur named Kurt Bleicken founded GreenPages as a resource for corporate IT professionals to efficiently procure the hardware and software required to drive their IT initiatives during the early stages of the client-server computing revolution. Prior to founding GreenPages, Kurt spent considerable time speaking to corporate IT leaders to better understand their challenges and best serve their business needs. Kurt embedded “a better way” into our core business systems and founded GreenPages with a strong customer focus and commitment to world-class execution and service, delivered by a customer-focused team working collaboratively in a strong, employee-focused culture. GreenPages saw great growth and success during the 1990s fueled by Kurt’s founding vision.

As I often tell our team, we are living in an amazing period of human history and our 25-year journey has occurred at the epicenter of what makes our time remarkable: the information technology revolution. When GreenPages was founded, we lived in a much different world. Microsoft had just launched Windows backed by a $10 million publicity blitz. The internet browser had just been invented, but few people used or even knew what the internet was. Digital had just announced the Alpha chip to enable 64-bit computing. The JPEG standard had just been finalized, and a prototype SSD module had been submitted for evaluation by IBM. We were still in the early stages of what would become a tsunami of technology innovation that would change the way we live, work, and play, and the very nature of humanity itself.

Through the internet becoming a pervasive force in our lives, to the logical abstraction of workloads driven by the virtualization wave, to the emergence of cloud computing and arrival of the cloud-mobile era, Team GreenPages has evolved in close collaboration with our customers and technology partners. We have moved from a supply chain organization that offered a faster, better, and cheaper method for procuring IT goods, to an industry leader in cloud computing, offering strategic consulting, architecture, systems integration, and systems management for the hybrid cloud computing models fueling the digital era.

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary we are very excited about the road ahead. The pace of change is accelerating and we see tremendous opportunities for our organization, our customers, and our technology partners in the digital era. Today, we are focused on enabling technological innovation to fuel our customers’ digitalization strategies that enable both agility and business velocity. Speed is everything today. The art of IT innovation is delivering this needed agility in a secure and compliant manner, and ultimately the next generation computing platforms backed by the old-world mandates of security and compliance, which are more important than ever.

I expect the next 25 years to be even more amazing than the past 25 and look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary with you in 2042. As we drive into the future, our customer focus and commitment will remain the constant amidst the tremendous waves of change sweeping across our industry. We will continue to strive every day to deliver outstanding technology-driven business results with the best, brightest, and most committed team in our industry.


Ron Dupler
CEO, GreenPages