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Intro to My Journey to the Cloud Blog

Here is the first of many postings on the gripping topic of…storage. Yes, there are a few of us out there talking about one array vs. another, one new technology vs. another, puncturing marketing hype, blah, blah, blah.
I hope to stand out from some of the other, by virtue of the fact that I really worked as a storage and backup administrator for years, trying to figure out how expert and informed storage design and administration could help fulfill business needs and requirements.
How much does that cute little modular array in the window really cost? How can I manage file systems as well as databases?
I work as a Solutions Architect for GreenPages Technology Solutions, a consulting and integration firm based on an island in the Piscataqua River between Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, ME, possibly the coolest location for a technology firm ever. Much of my work is pre-sales engineering and storage systems design (primary, backup and archive). I specialize in looking at the life-cycle of data and how to manage it from a cost/benefit point of view.
Hope you enjoy Journey to the Cloud, and comments are always welcome.