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No Blind Spots: Planning & Executing Your Cloud Migration

With the exponential growth of the cloud, the question inevitably arises, how do I migrate my workloads? This introduces a wide range of possible responses that can only be answered with more questions. Are you retiring any of your workloads? What are your refactoring plans? Are you replacing existing platforms or re-platforming? How will you determine which workloads are best suited for which clouds? What about connectivity?

One thing is absolutely crucial however, understanding your applications, including their interdependencies, security requirements, and architectural stacks are key factors that will influence your cloud migration strategy. Check out the video below with Chris Williams, GreenPages’ Enterprise Consultant, to understand how to build a plan that will de-risk your cloud migration and accelerate your public cloud workload placement. 

If you are interested in more info, check out our webinar recording:

“Blueprint for Hybrid Cloud Success: Use Cases You Can Apply Now!” 

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