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Cloud Success: Pitfall Avoidance, Training Resources and a Little Unicorn Dust

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GreenPages Enterprise Cloud Consultant, Chris Williams recently sat down with Brad Loomis, Director of Partner Architecture, Global Alliances at Cloud Technology Partners to discuss the new era of public cloud adoption for “The Doppler” Podcast.

Chris Williams

Six months ago there were people who were just getting their toes wet in public cloud and now those same people are going all in, not just with dev-test environments but with their major production initiatives.

 They also discussed some of the common pitfalls and places where they see organizations getting stuck in their cloud programs, from lost connections between on-prem and the cloud or simply mislabeling code that deploys the wrong applications.

Chris is a VMware expert, and a few years ago when he recognized the value of public cloud, he enrolled in A Cloud Guru and signed up for the 12-month free tier in AWS. He is still actively learning about AWS and VMware to better consult GreenPages clients on their cloud initiatives. 

Find out more about Chris by checking his other blog posts or downloading our recent video webinar, surrounding the cloud decision between AWS and Azure! You can check out the webinar recording here.

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