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GreenPages Creates Transformation Services Group to Guide Enterprises to Greater Business Agility

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GreenPages Creates Transformation Services Group to Guide Enterprises to Greater Business Agility

New Practice Area Enables Clients to Adopt Innovative Technology Solutions to Accelerate Business Transformation

Kittery, ME—April 14, 2015—GreenPages Technology Solutions, a hybrid cloud services and IT transformation firm announced the launch of its Transformation Services Group (TSG), a practice dedicated to providing business leaders with prescriptive action plans that enable them to navigate today’s increasing IT complexity and rates of change. With its Transformation Services Group, GreenPages becomes the industry’s only end-to-end solution provider with a proven track record of driving true business transformation through the utilization of advanced IT solutions.

GreenPages’ Transformation Services Group is offering customers a revolutionary and innovative approach that enables enterprises to easily move toward “new world” IT solutions. TSG was established to provide customers with a comprehensive vision, strategy and actionable roadmap for leveraging today’s technologies and cloud-based platforms to transform their businesses. The Transformation Services Group will operate as a division within GreenPages and will be led by Jim Lampert, who will serve in the role of President.

“The need for business agility and innovation has never been more important across all industries. While today’s hybrid cloud and advanced virtualization technologies have the potential to truly transform the way businesses operate and serve their customers, many organizations are unknowingly implementing ‘old-world’ solutions that may not align with their long-term business objectives,” said Ron Dupler, CEO of GreenPages. “We designed our Transformation Services to drive a change in the industry by providing our customers a comprehensive framework for consolidating, simplifying and automating their IT environments. Through a deliberate investment in these capabilities, we now are able to formalize a more holistic approach that analyzes both near-term needs and an organization’s broader, multi-year vision for transforming the business by migrating to advanced, ‘new world’ IT solutions.”

Harnessing the Power of the Cloud

In an effort to decrease cost and improve efficiency, companies in every industry are looking to virtualize compute, network, and storage layers as part of a migration to hybrid cloud, software-defined models. Through this process, however, many organizations suffer from an unexpected level of cost and project complexity that threaten the success of broader business objectives.

“Today, many IT organizations are overwhelmed by disruptive technologies and are absent a vision of how they can use these technologies to help grow their businesses,” said Carl Lehmann, a hybrid IT analyst with 451 Research. “They could benefit from external guidance such as that offered through GreenPages’ Transformation Services Group that helps IT teams accelerate the use of clouds and emerging technologies to achieve business goals and execute strategic transformation.”

GreenPages launched TSG to address this challenge by serving as a strategic partner to organizations that want to meet their long-term business objectives through the successful implementation of the latest transformational technologies. As part of this effort, TSG provides organizations with consultation, planning, design, implementation, and management across a wide range of technology disciplines.

GreenPages utilizes a proven methodology comprised of a standardized framework and repeatable, robust reference architectures to effectively transform large IT organizations into secure, agile, innovative service-focused entities that are best positioned to support strategic business objectives.

About GreenPages Technology Solutions
GreenPages is a leading systems integrator and cloud services company that helps clients move toward software-defined, hyper-converged, and hybrid cloud infrastructure models to drive IT transformation, ITaaS, and business innovation. The company’s deep technology expertise, broad engineering certifications, and unique Cloud Management as a Service (CMaaS) solution provides clients across the U.S. with unparalleled visibility into and control of modern-era hybrid cloud environments. For more information:

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