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GreenPages Launches Its Cloud Xcelerator Program to Accelerate Hybrid-Cloud, Multi-Cloud Adoption Success

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Kittery, ME—November 7, 2019—GreenPages, a leading systems integrator and cloud services company, announced today that it has launched its Cloud Xcelerator Program to help clients across all verticals accelerate cloud adoption success within their organizations. The Program delivers a series of modular workshops, and features GreenPages’ Cloud Xcelerator Platform—a live, proprietary hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud reference architecture environment that enables companies to move to the cloud and scale quickly and securely.Cloud Xcelerator Logo tight margin

“Whether clients choose AWS or Microsoft Azure—or both—there are some common design, scalability, governance, and operational challenges companies face,” said Rich Hillard, GreenPages’ Client Services Director and principal architect of the Cloud Xcelerator Program. “From new cloud adopters who want to accelerate their cloud momentum with strategic, sustainable design, to advanced cloud consumers who need better visibility and governance and a faster way to scale, our program is both a blueprint and a launch pad to get them to their optimal cloud state.”

The GreenPages’ Cloud Xcelerator Program is a series of three workshops paired with a reference architecture implementation that includes:

GreenPages’ Cloud Opportunity Assessment that evaluates the current technology platforms a client organization relies on and develops a clear roadmap for cloud enablement. The goal is to determine the highest-value pivots to the cloud that an organization should make, and in what order they should make them.

GreenPages’ Cloud Readiness Assessment helps clients increase the success rate of cloud initiatives while mitigating risk of failure by uncovering client strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in the key areas of Business, People, Governance, Platform, Security, and Operations. This workshop helps client organizations understand the benefits that cloud provides, as well as the organizational changes necessary for cloud success and recommended best practices from AWS, Azure, and GreenPages.

A Minimum Viable Cloud Proof-of-Concept that leverages GreenPages’ Cloud Xcelerator Platform—a live, hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud reference architecture—to help clients solve complex technical challenges around connectivity, identity and access management, security, and governance. Our experts then work collaboratively with client teams to migrate or deploy a Proof-of-Concept application to the cloud, allowing these client teams to gain the hands-on experience and confidence they need to accelerate their cloud journey.

“Cloud is a highly complex and mission critical objective that most organizations desire, but many don’t have the luxury of unlimited budgets or infinite deadlines to achieve,” added Hillard. “That’s why we created the Cloud Xcelerator Program; no matter how fast or large their business scales, clients can deploy across hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud environments effortlessly, securely, and fast.”

GreenPages leveraged leading technologies and proven architectures from strategic partners such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware, CloudCheckr, OpsRamp, Aviatrix, CloudBolt, and others to create its Cloud Xcelerator Platform.

“I’m extremely proud of our entire team for the business innovation, intellectual effort, and technical dedication to helping clients accelerate their cloud journey,” said Ron Dupler, GreenPages CEO. “Our Cloud Xceleration Program is a testament to both the strength of our client relationships and the commitment to excellence that drives us every day.”

GreenPages is currently taking requests from companies who would like a live demonstration of the Cloud Xcelerator Platform. Interested parties can sign up here, email [email protected], or call 800-989-2989 and ask to speak with a GreenPages Account Executive.

About GreenPages
GreenPages is a leading hybrid cloud services provider and systems integrator dedicated to helping organizations make digital business transformation a reality. GreenPages helps clients modernize their infrastructure, migrate to and operate in a hybrid cloud world, and drive digital transformation through the adoption of new technologies and approaches. 

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Elizabeth Edwards



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