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Why Blue Mantis for Developer Experience and Innovation Velocity

We leverage Git to drive your secure DevOps journey from infrastructure automation to ongoing monitoring. Unify your development and IT teams to create a more efficient and collaborative process that leads to faster and easier deployments.


of developers report increased satisfaction with access to latest tools


reduction in software development costs with focus on experience


higher delivery success rate using agile development


faster developer velocity achieved with GitOps

Key Outcomes


We ensure the efficiency, security, and agility of your CI/CD pipeline by managing the infrastructure and automating the process to deliver code directly to production.


Our unique managed Git offering provides a unified development platform and a single source of truth, streamlining the process of development, automation, and deployment.


We power smarter, more agile, and collaborative DevOps with unique tools and methodologies that deliver faster time-to-market.

Observability and SRE

We maintain continuous iteration and improvement with proactive monitoring, alerts, AIOps, and other tools that improve system reliability and efficiency.


We integrate security seamlessly into the earliest stages of the development process so your teams can build and deliver software with confidence.

We need to be able to get software into the hands of our agents as quickly as possible, which has a major impact to our bottom line and our revenue generation. We worked with [Blue Mantis] to transition to a co-located data center to improve our reliability and uptime, get our apps out there, and streamline the efforts of our developers.

Tailored Solutions that Meet the Most Unique Needs

Secure, Scalable, and Optimized Hybrid Cloud Environments

Be confident in your cloud with solutions that fit within the most complex infrastructures, improve efficiency, and drive higher levels of productivity and employee satisfaction.

Enterprise-Wide Security & Zero Trust Strategies

With over 30 years of cybersecurity experience, we can safeguard the most complex systems across your enterprise, without compromising its key output: productivity.

Secure and Scalable Modern Networks

Connect everything. From your people to your customers to the ideas that set you apart from the competition, keep your networks performing at your speed.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any-Device Secure Access

Get the full confidence of a secure infrastructure without compromising accessibility or hindering your teams’ ability to work from anywhere at any time.

Managed and Cost-Optimized Carrier Services

Align and integrate your carrier services to deliver the most cost-efficient solution that meets your business goals today and tomorrow.

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