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Why Blue Mantis for Enterprise-Wide Security and Zero Trust Strategies

Every step forward opens a new door for your business, and a hundred doors for outside threats. With over 30 years of cybersecurity experience, we have an unparalleled perspective on how to safeguard the most complex systems across your enterprise, without compromising its key output: productivity.


decrease in cybersecurity incidents after adopting Zero Trust strategies


of business improved data regulatory compliance with an enterprise-wide security program


of customers want to do business with companies using strict data protection policies


Average cost of data breaches for companies without a Zero Trust security strategy

Key Outcomes

Security Assessments

We provide a thorough, fully transparent, and unbiased assessment for your security programs, identifying areas of improvement, prioritizing immediate needs, and aligning with your business goals.

Cybersecurity Maturity Models and Roadmaps

A trusted guide for your cyber journey. Get visibility into your security evolution and measure it against our proven maturity models and roadmaps.

Managed Security Services

We monitor and manage your security and tech stack, ensuring its efficiency and freeing you up to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Data Privacy

Get peace of mind knowing that all data and IP — whether it’s yours, your customers, or partners — is protected and secure, maintaining your clients’ trust and your brand’s reputation.

Risk Management

Find that perfect balance between secure and over-secure through our extensive process of risk identification, mitigation, and management.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet the expectations of an increasingly disparate workforce and remove the uncertainty of shifting regulations, standards, and practices.

Zero Trust Roadmaps and Services

For clients who demand a zero-trust security environment, we provide a full blueprint and comprehensive services that assume the highest level of threat and ensure your digital assets are protected.

Security, security, security. It takes most of our energy and attention to make sure we can continue with our businesses in a secure environment without compromise. I have a very small IT team, and I can call on [Blue Mantis] for a wide variety of technical issues whether it’s security, cloud, or infrastructure.

Tailored Solutions that Meet the Most Unique Needs

Secure Hybrid Cloud Environments Optimized for Scale

Be confident in your cloud with solutions that fit within the most complex infrastructures, improve efficiency, and drive higher levels of productivity and employee satisfaction.

Secure and Scalable Modern Networks

Connect everything. From your people to your customers to the ideas that set you apart from the competition, keep your networks performing at your speed.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any-Device Secure Access

Get the full confidence of a secure infrastructure without compromising accessibility or hindering your teams’ ability to work from anywhere at any time.

Developer Experience and Innovation Velocity

Equip your developers with the secure framework and tools to collaborate, manage, automate, and deploy code with greater efficiency.

Managed and Cost-Optimized Carrier Services

Align and integrate your carrier services to deliver the most cost-efficient solution that meets your business goals today and tomorrow.

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