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Meet the Future Office Space

Your employees expect services that support working from homes, offices, and everywhere in between without missing a beat. Blue Mantis delivers solutions that will keep your workspace one step ahead of the digital transformation. 

Areas of Modern Workspace Support

Our services bring the complex system of devices, connectivity, security, and applications needed for the modern workspace into a seamless orbit around end users.

Lifecycle Endpoint Management

Maintain visibility, security, and control of user devices from procurement to retirement. 

Cloud PC and Desktop as a Service

Enable effective and secure employee productivity without the complexity of traditional VDI solutions. 

Advanced Secure Devices 

Empower your workforce to get mobile, stay connected, and take advantage of AI without sacrificing security. 

Technology Innovation Center (TIC)

Accelerate IT device fulfillment and logistical services specific to your employee and business needs. 

Managed AI Copilot Solutions

Powered by Microsoft. Empower your employees to do their best work using AI without sacrificing data security.

Benefits of a Modern Workspace with Blue Mantis

Streamline IT Operations 

Blue Mantis helps you reduce the turnaround time for new system deployments and physical device replacements while gaining real-time oversight of all your IT assets, so you can focus on growing your business rather than IT maintenance. 

Boost Efficiency & Security 

Whether you want to deploy AI-ready hardware at your business locations or a zero-trust security Cloud PC desktop as a service experience, Blue Mantis delivers energy-efficient solutions that lower your TCO without sacrificing productivity. 

Control Supply Chains 

From our dedicated TIC, which is SOC 2 and ISO 9001 certified, you can deploy your IT assets with confidence in alignment with your compliance needs, while ensuring your employees get what they need to be productive on time and within budget. 

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[Blue Mantis] made us think differently about what we were trying to get to, asking where we need to be in a few years, not just today. It’s a long-time relationship with a partner that can help us think clearly, is trusted, that we can go to and get honest feedback, and isn’t trying to push us in one direction

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