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Meet the Future Office Space

A global workspace that spans across homes, offices, devices, and storage solutions. Your teams expect systems that support this reality without missing a beat. Blue Mantis delivers services that will keep your workspace one step ahead of the digital transformation.

Areas of Modern Workspace Support

Our services bring the complex system of devices, connectivity, security, and applications needed for the modern workspace into a seamless orbit around end users.

Lifecycle Endpoint Management

Your teams are everywhere, working at all times. Maintain full visibility and control of their devices while creating a seamless, secure, and efficient end-user experience.

Secure Device Experiences

Keep your employees and data safe with our dynamic fully managed cloud-native solutions tailored to modern workforces.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Implement and orchestrate work environments that unite private architectures, public clouds, and traditional IT systems, guiding your cloud evolution with efficiency and maximizing productivity.

Technology Innovation Center

Accelerate asset fulfillment with our cutting-edge, secure facility that allows us to automate and customize the IT device lifecycle specific to your needs.

Collaboration & Mobility

Empower employees to be their best across multiple locations, devices, and applications with innovative solutions that enable better collaboration without compromising security.

Benefits of a modern workspace with Blue Mantis

A User-First Experience

A truly modern workspace demands a shift in perception from tech first to user first. We put ourselves in the minds of end users, imagine the most seamless and productive workflows and then architect solutions around that.

Intrinsic Security

Security is the foundation of everything we do. We measure every solution first by its potential for business improvement and then validate it through rigorous security checks. Iron-clad security is critical in the workspace of tomorrow.

A Complete Vision

We see the full breadth of the modern workspace: a complete system of intricate parts — devices, applications, connections, and security. We understand how these parts interact with each other in the best way for your unique businesses and operational needs.

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[Blue Mantis] made us think differently about what we were trying to get to, asking where we need to be in a few years, not just today. It’s a long-time relationship with a partner that can help us think clearly, is trusted, that we can go to and get honest feedback, and isn’t trying to push us in one direction

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