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Modernized data centers are the engines of innovation.

The data revolution has extended beyond the realm of IT and now comes from outside — application owners, users, business partners, and customers. Be ready for these opportunities with a data center that meets all the criteria of the modern era.

Areas of Data Center Modernization Support

Understanding the best approach to modernization takes strategic planning, technical experience, and IT operational knowledge across various initiatives.

Servers & OS Services

Reduce your technical debt with secure and efficient server infrastructure to gain on-prem, cloud, and hybrid flexibility.

Storage Services

Optimize and automate the secure, scalable, and high-performance shared storage needed for today’s hybrid workloads.

Database Services

Ensure your database is the secure, AI-ready heart of your business, optimized and supported by expert engineers. 

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Secure crucial data with a managed recovery plan to minimize downtime and protect against costly business disruptions. 

Benefits of Data Center Modernization with Blue Mantis

Industry Knowledge and Experience

With over 30 years of experience partnering with industry leaders to continually evolve the data center, we combine the perspective of history with the fresh innovation of next-gen technologies and solutions.

Security-First Approach

Security is not just a pillar or an isolated service. It’s foundational to everything we do, every recommendation we make, and every solution we propose. We bring peace of mind knowing that every leap forward is grounded in extensive precaution.


No two clients are ever at the same level of maturity. We meet you exactly where you are and where you will be by carefully assessing your business needs and modernizing accordingly, never forcing a new technology on you for the sake of it.

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[Blue Mantis] was very responsive with our technical requirements and we met our very aggressive objective of our new data center going live in just three months.

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