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Why Blue Mantis for IT & Operations

We design and deliver solutions tailored to your desired business outcomes, whether you need a complete end-to-end overhaul, an ongoing managed services relationship, or a specific project. 

Proven IT & Operations Outcomes from Blue Mantis

Operational Efficiency

Eliminate bottlenecks, increase productivity, and transform your IT operations using our 30+ years of in-depth experience.

Increased Security

Security is foundational to everything we do and delivering secure experiences on your digital journey is our top priority.

More Productive Employees

We bring a user-first mentality to optimize devices for productivity from the moment an employee is onboarded throughout their tenure. 

Adaptable to Evolving Business Needs

Our scalable systems, managed services, and industry foresight help you respond quickly to shifting market conditions and flex as needed.

Cost Optimization

Lower costs with our expense management solutions and streamline your operation, no matter the scale of our relationship.

Innovative Edge

Stay competitive and drive innovation by leveraging emerging technologies and adapting to an increasingly digital landscape.

Customized Approaches to Specific Functions

Engineering & Development

Whether you need expertise throughout your entire developer journey, one stage of it, or one specific area, our managed GitOps platform delivers the right solution for your business needs.

Finance & Procurement

Understand the cost of your cloud infrastructure and software licenses so you can operate with greater efficiency, all while ensuring you meet cybersecurity and regulatory requirements.

Product Management

Services you need to succeed—from secure staging environments to clean and well executed code.

Ready to talk about what’s next for your business?

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