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While the cloud has simplified many aspects of work, it has also added layers of complexity to IT. We help deal with those complexities through fully transparent and collaborative Managed Services that ensure constant alignment, maximize value and efficiency, and drive your business performance to new levels.

Areas of Managed Services Support

Our services are broad, deep, and flexible. We tailor solutions to the needs of each individual business.

Digital Ops

Untangle yourself from the complexities of hybrid environments and boost overall productivity with scalable operations across owned, subscribed, and consumed IT services.

Security Ops

Protect your human and digital assets with 24/7 support and a single comprehensive strategy from our leading cybersecurity experts.

End User X Ops

Maintain an efficient hybrid workforce and keep your employees happy and productive with customized user experiences and concierge-level endpoint support.

Platform Engineering

Automate and secure your DevOps with managed GitOps as a servicea platform that enables development teams to increase software deployment speeds by up to 50%.


Gain visibility into cloud finances, optimize spending, and reduce costs by 30% with custom services from certified FinOps practitioners.

Benefits of Managed Services with Blue Mantis

Transparent Solutions

Trust is built through transparency. We provide you full access to our systems, platforms, and processes so we can collaborate and you can advance your capabilities on your own if needed.

Save Money

Unite your finance and IT teams with customized financial optimization as a service. Let us help optimize your IT spending to save an average of 30% on cloud annual costs​.

Get Innovative

Equip your IT teams with a unified delivery platform based on GitOps and delivered as a no-hassle managed service. Gain 3X faster development velocity with world-class cloud native tools and centralized security.

Enable Secure Productivity

Provide personalized, work from anywhere experiences for your employees at scale. Our turnkey managed IT solutions are secure and customized for your business outcomes so you can increase business value for customers.

Centralized Workflow Management

Unite the many streams and workflows across your environments and maintain a bird’s-eye view of your operations from a single location.

A Tailored Approach

Your business has unique goals and needs. Our portfolio of services is scalable, flexible, and consumption-based, so you can use what you need and readjust over time.

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In some cases, we didn’t realize we were having an outage when it occurred in the middle of the night. I give this credit to [Blue Mantis] 24/7 monitoring services. Their managed services team is rock solid.

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