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Why Blue Mantis Backup as a Service?

No matter where your organization stores data—whether it’s on-prem, in the cloud, or a little of both—your data is vulnerable to ransomware, hardware failures, and other threats. The more data you have increases the potential for a catastrophe. Without a reliable backup and recovery solution, businesses risk losing their valuable data and facing costly downtime, reputational damage, and regulatory fines. 

Blue Mantis Backup as a Service is a turnkey, fully managed solution that provides secure and scalable cloud backup and recovery for any data, anywhere, anytime. Powered by Veeam and Wasabi, Blue Mantis Backup as a Service leverages industry-leading technology and operational practices to ensure your physical, virtual, public cloud, and Microsoft 365 workloads are verifiably protected and always readily available. 

Benefits of Blue Mantis Backup as a Service

Flexible licensing options

Bring your own Veeam or Wasabi license if you already have an investment in the technology or let us design a customized managed backup storage solution. 

Predictable and scalable storage

Enable data backup and recovery with local storage for your critical workloads and immutable cloud storage for offsite data with no ingress or egress fees to eliminate the sticker shock of hidden costs. 

Single point of contact

Simplify your data protection plans by centralizing all provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and validation of your backups with a team of Blue Mantis experts. 

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Encrypt your data both at rest and in transit, then store it in highly secure and geographically diverse SOC-2 compliant data centers. 

Improved Operational Efficiency

Streamline your backup and recovery processes, automate workflows, and scale storage capacity on demand, delivered as a service and without any costly hardware or software maintenance. 

Fast Recovery

Whether it’s a ransomware attack, a server failure, or other threat to your business data. Blue Mantis enables fast VM recovery, file-level recovery, or application-item recovery, to minimize your downtime and data loss.

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Blue Mantis Backup as a Service Solution Offerings

Managed Cloud Backup

Store your encrypted data in highly secure and geographically diverse SOC-2 compliant cloud data centers for enhanced security with regional compliance.

On-Prem Managed Backup

Reduce your recovery times from ransomware and other disruptions with automated local backups with detailed analytics and delivered as a service.

Hybrid Cloud Backup

Accelerate your cloud strategy with secure, dependable backup and recovery solutions that work across multiple platforms to meet your business needs.

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Work with our experts and begin your journey to a more secure, compliant, and productive future.

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