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Why Blue Mantis for Secure, Scalable, and Optimized Hybrid Cloud Environments

From deployment and management of cloud platforms, to our unique FinOps and GitOps processes, we provide extensive cloud services that lower costs, increase control, and maximize ROI.


of businesses reduced overall IT costs using hybrid cloud strategies


Average improvement in business application performance with a hybrid cloud environment


of IT leaders believe hybrid cloud to be more secure than traditional IT infrastructure


of businesses see improved disaster recovery capabilities with hybrid IT environments

Key Outcomes

Cloud Assessments

With a deep understanding of your business goals and organizational infrastructure, we provide an extensive assessment of hybrid opportunities and readiness that align with your objectives.

Cloud Migrations

We strategize, provision, and implement cloud migrations that are right-sized for your organization and optimal for your business outcomes.

Cloud Maturity Models and Roadmaps

We establish frameworks that assess your current level of cloud adoption and define the right path, speed, and strategy for improvement and future growth.

Cloud Cost Optimization with FinOps

We provide unique tools, techniques, and processes that increase visibility and control, improve governance, and lower your annual cloud costs by 30%.

Managed Hybrid Cloud Services

We offer an ongoing managed experience around your entire cloud adoption initiative that helps ensure optimal visibility, resourcing, cost control, and efficiency.

Secure Cloud Integration

Our comprehensive security solutions enable you to integrate current cloud environments with future workloads across multiple cloud providers so you can scale and grow with speed and confidence.

Highly Available, Secure Hybrid Cloud Architectures

Our approach integrates on-prem architectures with cloud services to deliver the most seamless, accessible, secure, and robust solution for any organization.

We’re now 100 percent in the cloud—nothing on prem. We talked to several companies about cloud migration and best strategies, and nobody had anything even remotely close to the tools [Blue Mantis] has to make those financial models…to see how to make cloud economical and then how to control costs once we’re there.

Tailored Solutions that Meet the Most Unique Needs

Enterprise-Wide Security & Zero Trust Strategies

With over 30 years of cybersecurity experience, we can safeguard the most complex systems across your enterprise, without compromising its key output: productivity.

Secure and Scalable Modern Networks

Connect everything. From your people to your customers to the ideas that set you apart from the competition, keep your networks performing at your speed.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any-Device Secure Access

Get the full confidence of a secure infrastructure without compromising accessibility or hindering your teams’ ability to work from anywhere at any time.

Developer Experience and Innovation Velocity

Equip your developers with the secure framework and tools to collaborate, manage, automate, and deploy code with greater efficiency.

Managed and Cost-Optimized Carrier Services

Align and integrate your carrier services to deliver the most cost-efficient solution that meets your business goals today and tomorrow.

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