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The ability to excel in today’s landscape hinges upon how well you acclimate to the cloud — which levers to pull, which dials to turn. We guide you through a cloud journey that begins with a comprehensive strategy and evolves over time as your business adapts to new technology.

Areas of Cloud Support

From deployment and management of cloud platforms, to our unique FinOps and GitOps processes, we provide extensive cloud services that lower costs, increase control, and maximize ROI.

Cloud FinOps

Get full visibility into cloud costs with our Cloud Lighthouse tool. Increase efficiencies, lower costs by as much as 30%, and bring much needed transparency during tough economic times.


Automate and secure your DevOps with managed GitOps as a servicea platform that enables development teams to increase software deployment speeds by up to 50%.

Microsoft Cloud

By leveraging Azure, along with other Microsoft cloud services, we design, deploy, and manage unique cloud environments that encourage innovation and enhance security.

AWS Cloud

Boost your agility and enhance security with our AWS cloud services, helping you stay competitive and innovative without overcommitting your budget.

Google Cloud Platform

Accelerate your digital transformation with Google Cloud Platform services that enable IT modernization with hyperscale efficiency.

Blue Mantis Cloud Benefits

Optimize for Scalability

Our unique visibility tools bring a whole new level of agility and control over your cloud, enabling you to handle varying workloads and scale effectively with your organization’s growth.


Security is the bedrock of all our services, and it guides our entire cloud approach, giving you the confidence to adapt and transition without fear or doubt.

A Positive Customer Experience

We pride ourselves on positive, personal client relationships built on a shared investment in achieving your business goals. Your challenges are our challenges, and we meet them together with optimism.

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[Blue Mantis] is helping us transform our business. We’re embarking on a hybrid cloud journey. Even us, a traditional energy marketer has to understand that our world is changing. We need new tools, new services, new products, and new processes to support our customers’ future state.

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