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Global Enterprise Labeling Platform Provider Loftware Optimized Cloud Spending with Blue Mantis FinOps

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  • Loftware was transitioning to a cloud-based product delivery model, making their Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure costs grow by 20-40% year-over-year
  • While Loftware’s growth indicated positive business expansion, Loftware’s corporate leadership wanted to manage their increasing cloud spending
  • Loftware needed a proven and scalable method for continuous monitoring and optimization of their cloud costs

Customer Benefits

  • Achieved significant cost savings by securing an 8-10% discount on their AWS spend
  • Optimized AWS cloud resources on a global scale through continuous monitoring, management, and reporting
  • Enabled the company’s IT and finance teams to reallocate their existing staff to work on strategic projects rather than daily maintenance tasks


Loftware engaged with Blue Mantis in 2017, entrusting them with their AWS billing. Blue Mantis employed their specialized FinOps solution, which integrates cloud cost optimization tools and services. Collaborating closely with Loftware’s AWS account manager, Blue Mantis found that an Enterprise Discount Plan (EDP) would be most beneficial for the company. This plan provided Loftware an 8-10% discount on their AWS cloud expenses over a five-year period.

Not only did Blue Mantis provide a financial solution, they also took on the responsibility of managing Loftware’s AWS deployment.

Business Outcomes

Control Escalating Cloud Expenditure

Loftware’s partnership with Blue Mantis enabled the company to control their escalating cloud expenditure without compromising on the growth and expansion of their SaaS client base.

Services Tailored to the Specific Business Needs

Loftware gained specialized cloud cost management tools and services tailored to their specific business needs through the Blue Mantis FinOps solution.

Further Strategic Development

By entrusting the management of their AWS deployment to the experts at Blue Mantis, the IT and finance leaders at Loftware were empowered to reallocate their valuable human capital to focus on core business functions and further strategic development.

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