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Unique Network Challenges Demand Unique Solutions

Whether you’re building new, upgrading a legacy system, or facing a complex integration, we’ve got deep experience and expertise that will keep you running smoothly and securely.

Areas of Networking Support

From SDN to more traditional networking practices, we support you at every stage of maturity.

Blue Insight

Gain an unprecedented level of visibility and control over your corporate network to lower the risks (and costs) of your enterprise apps.

Software-Defined Networking

Control and manage the flow of data from a virtual control plane with an SDN solution that makes you more agile and frees you from the limits of servers and devices.

Network Segmentation & Zero Trust

Increase security, manage internal and external data, and improve maintenance through segmented networks and a zero-trust approach.

Timely Assessments

Leverage our advanced tools, expertise, and a proven process that increases ROI and keeps you informed of strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis.

Intent-Based Networking

Maintain unified policy across multiple infrastructures with an intent-based networking system that delivers outcomes without manual operation.


Meet the increasing demands of the digital era with a software-defined WAN architecture that lowers costs and offers a more flexible and dynamic network infrastructure.

Wireless Implementation

Meet the demands of a remote workforce with wireless networks that are planned, installed, and configured with our best-in-class technology partners.

Traditional Networking

Ensure your WAN, LAN, and other traditional network infrastructure elements are modernized, aligned with a zero-trust security framework, and working their best.

Benefits of Networking with Blue Mantis

Best-in-Class Partnerships

Get peace of mind knowing you’ll receive the best technology. For over 30 years we’ve maintained trusted and long-standing relationships at the leading providers.

30 Years of Modernizing Networks

Network needs are often complex, integrating traditional on-premise solutions with cloud possibility. We’ve been on the forefront of networking since the beginning, giving us the depth and perspective to solve and optimize the toughest challenges.

A Zero-Trust Approach

Our philosophy is to envision the best, but plan for the worst. When it comes to securing your network, we take nothing for granted and assume that even your safest areas and users are compromised.

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I would definitely recommend [Blue Mantis] to my peers—they have a tremendous amount of experience, and what was great was not only did they help with the [networking] solution, but I felt my whole team was a lot smarter when the project was done.

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