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Why Blue Insight for Network Assessments and Visibility?

Deploying and managing a modern corporate network is complex. The cloud and remote working have rendered perimeter defenses useless, and every IT leader struggles with visibility into the “East-West” communication between different servers, containers, virtual machines, sites, or any internal resources within the same network. 

Blue Insight from Blue Mantis can assess the data flow across corporate networks to optimize your application performance, ensure security and compliance, and enhance efficiency. Our agentless solution deploys quickly and works on any network hardware, providing real-time visibility into every app on your network. Get a comprehensive inventory of all network traffic to map app, data, and endpoint dependencies across your entire network environment. 

Assess your current network with Blue Insight to gain a new level of network visibility that can reduce the risks (and costs) associated with everything from cloud migration to data compliance. Blue Mantis can also integrate our Blue Insight solution into your network for continuous, holistic, and unified views of your network’s performance and health.  

Benefits of Blue Insight Solutions

Map Interdependencies

Visualize network traffic between apps and assets on-prem, in the cloud, and everywhere in between to prevent costly misconfigurations and downtime.

Optimize Performance

Identify and eliminate network traffic bottlenecks, anomalies, and inefficiencies to increase enterprise app performance for your employees.

Enhance Security

Detect suspicious activities on your network to enable faster cybersecurity responses against attacks for better business resilience.

Blue Insight Solution Offerings

Network Assessments 

Use Blue Insight to assess your current network setup with a complete inventory for all active network traffic based on active flow data. Map your data dependencies across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid IT environments to reduce the time and effort required for cloud migrations, network micro-segmentation, and security compliance audits. 

Network Visibility 

Integrate Blue Insight’s real-time analytics into your existing network infrastructure for continuous, holistic, and unified views of your network’s performance and health. Blue Insight’s deep visibility into East-West traffic is hardware-agnostic and fits into any network infrastructure.

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