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The future belongs to the bold…and the wise. Build your cybersecurity vision and meet your business goals with peace of mind. With over 30 years of experience across multiple industries, our security experts will help you get cyber-agile, manage risk, outsmart emerging threats and stay ahead of your competition.

From rigorous protect and defend services to emergency recovery and restoration, Blue Mantis makes your security program efficient, effective, and compliant.

Cybersecurity & Risk Advisory Services

Security is steeped in everything, everywhere. No longer is it confined to a specific department, function or individual. It is a system of parts, coming together in a cohesive organizational strategy based on risk management principles and priorities.

Cloud Security

Challenges Faced:
Security is not inherent in the cloud. Misconfiguration of cloud resources account for 74% of security issues and qualified IT managers are hard to find/retain.

Outcomes Achieved:

Automate your cloud infrastructure security at scale. We enhance visibility and protection against cybersecurity threats in AWS, Azure, and other cloud-native services.

Network & Systems Security

Challenges Faced:
Cybercriminals find the weakest point on the network to attack. Hybrid work is the new norm and is the top cybersecurity risk cited by CIOs.

Outcomes Achieved:
Defend against network and system intrusions without sacrificing productivity. We deploy robust Zero Trust security across all your IT systems to support distributed workforces.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Challenges Faced:
Your data is precious. Managing data privacy while maintaining secure sharing with B2B partners and remote workers is difficult.

Outcomes Achieved:
Gain business agility while eliminating upfront costs for risk analysis. We help detect and defeat business-ending security events while keeping you in compliance with all regulations.

Business Resilience

Challenges Faced:
How quickly can you recover? The average cost of IT downtime is now $100K per hour and some businesses don’t have a recovery plan.

Outcomes Achieved:
Recover quickly and easily from security events that would be devastating to most businesses. We integrate availability and resiliency into your IT with our turnkey solutions.


average cost of a
cybersecurity incident in 2022 (IBM)


average number of hack attempts made every day against companies (University of Maryland)

Benefits of Cybersecurity & Risk Management with Blue Mantis

Deep Experience. Wide Expertise.

In over 30 years we’ve acquired and developed the best talent and top minds. Our team is made up of experts from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience battling cyber-criminals. This gives our clients a perspective that is unparalleled in the security industry, helping you protect your brand, reputation, and customer relationships.

A 360° Approach

We have technologists from every specialty, building comprehensive Zero Trust cybersecurity programs customized to your business. We then manage those programs for the long term, providing a centralized service hub with 24/7 visibility, enabling your organization to worry less about security and focus on your strategic objectives.

Flexible and Cost-effective Solutions

Regardless of size, budget, or industry, all companies have the same need: comprehensive security that works for them and their customers. We help prioritize what is needed and how it best fits each client’s unique risk profile, regulatory and compliance landscape, budgets, and desired business outcomes.

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Over the years, [Blue Mantis] has stepped in and gone above and beyond many times. One time we had a major ERP system go down and they threw their engineers and everybody at it until it was rectified which is typical. I don’t even know that they would call it above and beyond, I think it’s just how they operate.

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