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Why Blue Mantis for Business Resilience?

The importance of a robust business resilience plan cannot be overstated because the stakes are higher than ever. The average cost of IT infrastructure failure is now $100K per hour with full data breach cleanups costing close to $10M total. Blue Mantis Business Resilience solutions, developed with industry leaders such as Arctic Wolf, Hycu, Pure Storage, and Veeam, prepare your organization for cyberattacks, ensure quick recovery from security events, and maintain trust between your partners and customers. 

Benefits of Business Resilience

Comprehensive Digital Resilience

From criminal ransomware and phishing attacks to unintentional human errors and natural disasters, Blue Mantis solutions keep your employees safe and productive no matter where work is being done.

Efficient Recovery from Data Breaches

With Blue Mantis, your organization can recover quickly and efficiently from security incidents, minimizing downtime and financial losses.

Future-Proof Security Posture

We not only address current threats but also use managed digital forensics and world-class “Red Team” offensive security methods to improve your security posture against future incidents, ensuring lessons learned are applied to strengthen defenses.

Business Resilience Solution Offerings

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

Implement robust plans that ensure your business can continue operating smoothly in the face of disruptions.

Ransomware Attack Response & Remediation

Time is not your friend during an outage. Get specialized support to quickly respond to and recover from ransomware attacks, minimizing their impact on your operations.

Incident Response Planning & Crisis Communications

Develop and execute comprehensive incident response (IR) plans and policies. Get a realistic understanding of organizational preparedness by exercising plans with proactive services like ransomware simulation services, expert Red Teaming, and tabletop exercises.

Emergency Incident Response and Remediation

Jumpstart your IR capabilities in the event of a security breach with affordable retainer-based services to contain threats and recover quickly.

Digital Forensics & Threat Hunting

Investigate and understand security incidents and anomalies with deep and wide system visibility, applying these insights to prevent future breaches.

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