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Why Blue Mantis for Engineering & Development

Whether you need expertise throughout your entire developer journey, one stage of it, or one specific area, our managed GitOps platform delivers the right solution for your business needs.

Proven Engineering & Development Outcomes from Blue Mantis

Infrastructure Automation

Create more agile, robust, and productive infrastructures that are automated and repeatable through our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) service.

CI/CD Pipeline

Give your developers the flexibility to use all types of containers, repos, and multiple programming languages.

Declarative Deployment

Increase the security, frequency, and reliability of releases with a GitOps-centric, continuous deployment.

Holistic Observability

Decrease downtime, increase security, and lower costs with real-time analytics and proactive monitoring across all your cloud infrastructure.

Customized Approaches to Specific Functions

Finance & Procurement

Understand the cost of your cloud infrastructure and software licenses so you can operate with greater efficiency, all while ensuring you meet cybersecurity and regulatory requirements.

Product Management

Services you need to succeed—from secure staging environments to clean and well executed code.

Human Resources

We’ll determine the right approach to fit what you want to accomplish, provide the services to put it in place, and monitor it to ensure it continues to deliver on its promise.

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