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Meet Blue Mantis

We are the steady hand, the sherpa guiding you through the winding journey of transformation, helping your business adapt and grow through automation, innovation, and embracing emerging technologies.

In a fast-moving world of constantly changing technology, a company’s success depends on its ability to transform digitally. To do this, you need a strategic guide to help you understand what you need and how to get there, whether it’s cybersecurity, hybrid or modern workplace IT infrastructure, or cloud migration. Blue Mantis has decades of experience adapting to new technologies and being that guide. We’re able to lead the way because we have weathered the shifting digital environment of the last 30+ years ourselves and persevered.

Our Mission

To help companies compete successfully through the innovative use of technology.

Our Vision

A world where not only business — but people of all economic backgrounds — are forever ahead of the rapidly changing digital curve.

Our Core Values

Always there

We are an extension of our client teams. More than a vendor. We are at all times personable, familiar, compassionate, and above all, reliable.

Expertise without excess

We bring an unmatched depth of knowledge and experience to each client and project. We do not bring anything unnecessary like bloated solutions or inflated egos.

A wide-angle with sharp focus

At our core is a duality — the ability to maintain harmony across a broad and complex landscape, coupled with the tactical wherewithal to solve an immediate crisis.

Obsessively thorough

Overthinking is not a problem for us. We are hired because we put security first, imagining the rarest scenario and planning for its inevitable arrival.


Many clients open up their cluttered closets to us and ask for help cleaning, organizing, or rescuing. Whether it’s a customer or co-worker, we don’t chastise, condescend, or pass judgment.

One Mantis

What is One Mantis? It’s teamwork. Collaboration. Collective achievement. It’s the patchwork of exceptional talent and innovative thinking that leads to an unparalleled level of client focus, every day. It’s our shared vision. Our belief in each other and ourselves. And our commitment to succeed – together. It’s our mantra. One Mission. One Team. One Mantis.

The Blue Mantis Name

Where the blue skies of technological opportunity meet the wisdom and precise nature of the mantis.

The word mantis comes from Greek, meaning “one who divines, a seer, prophet.” The ancient Greeks believed the mantis could help lost travelers find their way home.

One of the most awe-inspiring insects in the world, the praying mantis moves gracefully and stealthily. When threatened, it acts swiftly, making hard work for any predators, including some many times its size.

Like its namesake, Blue Mantis has survived and persevered through a constantly evolving environment with a combination of foresight, agility, wisdom, and vast experience. The company brings that same value to its clients, enabling them to adapt and outsmart threats and thrive for many years to come.

Our Process

A unique future demands a unique approach

Your business is built differently than others, with its own unique needs, challenges, and vision. We get it. So we designed a process that scales, flexes, and adapts, delivering the most efficient and cost-effective outcomes for each client.


First, we look at the technologies you’re using and how they’re being used.


Then we see where we can improve your systems, processes, and end-user experiences or add new ones while optimizing costs and staying aligned with business goals.


Afterward, we transition our successful project back to an operational state and hand it back to you, or our talented managed services team will work with you to constantly ensure your technologies are running swiftly and securely.

Giving Back

We believe technology has the power to do amazing things, to raise people up and bring opportunity to underdeveloped areas. We actively find ways to give back and lift up the people and communities around us and beyond.

Join Our Team

By trade we are technologists, strategists, and visionaries who solve complex challenges, but at our core we are a collective of people who care about and support each other. Our people and culture approach is what sets us apart. Become a part of a team where your input is valued and your talent rewarded.

Blue Mantis’ Cloud Management as a Service Helps RCS keep their business up and running smoothly—all while getting the daily metrics necessary to consistently improve over time.

When I look backwards at the vendors I’ve used over my 20+ year career in IT, there are few that I think deserve the marker of partner. [Blue Mantis] does. I feel like they have my back and I have their back. And not just yesterday, but through tomorrow, and into tomorrow’s tomorrow.

At Blue Mantis, we believe that our greatest strength lies in our people. As a client-centric firm, we are committed to fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and growth. Here, every team member has the opportunity to flourish and make a significant impact, directly enhancing the value we provide to our customers.

The Blue Mantis Awards & Recognition

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CRN Triple Crown Award

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Enterprise Architecture Partner of the Year

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Cloud Partner Award

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Desktop Virtualization Partner of the Year

Let’s Meet

For more information about working with or for Blue Mantis, give us a call or send us an email. We’re here to help in any way.

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