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Why Blue Mantis for Cloud Security?

Blue Mantis Cloud Security solutions are designed to secure your multi-cloud infrastructure. By identifying and mitigating weaknesses, enhancing visibility, and automating security configurations, we help you reduce risks and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for cloud security, all within a consistent zero-trust framework. With industry-leading partners like Barracuda, Microsoft, Orca Security, and more, Blue Mantis delivers top-tier cloud security solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business. 

Benefits of Cloud Security

Simplified, Secure, and Scalable

Blue Mantis deploys and manages cloud security solutions that simplify your IT operations, secure your data and applications, and ensure your infrastructure scales with your business needs.

Certified Security Partner

Leverage decades of combined security expertise from our team of credentialed leaders and the latest technology from Zscaler, Cisco, and more to fortify your SaaS and IaaS cloud environments against evolving threats.

Reduced Risks and Lower TCO

Our solutions automate cloud security configurations based on zero-trust principles, reducing risks and eliminating the redundancy of point solutions, thereby lowering your TCO.

Cloud Security Solution Offerings

Cloud Security Assessments

Identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your cloud security posture with comprehensive assessments that provide clear insights and actionable recommendations. 

Cloud Architecture Security Builds

Design and build secure cloud architectures that are resilient against threats while supporting your business objectives and compliance requirements.

Cloud Security Implementation & Hardening

Gain deep visibility into multi-cloud environments with Orca Security and SaaS Alerts monitoring while protecting your identities with multi-factor authentication from Microsoft and Cisco Duo from the cybersecurity experts at Blue Mantis.

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