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Why Blue Mantis for Network & Systems Security?

Legacy networks and aging systems present challenges to both CIOs and CISOs. Blue Mantis Network & Systems Security solutions enable businesses to remote and distributed workforces to operate securely while providing ongoing support and active administration of your corporate IT’s security architecture. Our experts partner with you to transform your security challenges into strategic advantages, with managed solutions designed with industry leaders such as Arctic Wolf, Barracuda, Cisco, HPE Aruba, Fortinet, Microsoft, and Zscaler. 

Benefits of Network & Systems Security

Comprehensive Security Across Your IT Stack

With our holistic approach, we secure your entire network and systems, ensuring that every layer of your IT infrastructure is protected against threats.

End-to-End Zero Trust Implementation

Our solutions leverage zero-trust policies from the ground up, providing a robust framework that minimizes vulnerabilities and reduces the risk of breaches.

Support for Secure Distributed Workforces

We enable your workforce to operate securely, regardless of location, by deploying secure remote access, virtual private networks (VPNs), and full network micro-segmentation, ensuring that your employees can access the resources they need without compromising security.

Network & Systems Security Solution Offerings

Network and Systems Security Assessments

Identify vulnerabilities with comprehensive assessments that offer actionable insights to strengthen your security posture.

Secure Remote Access

Replace your legacy VPNs with modern secure connections built for your distributed workforce, ensuring safe and reliable access to corporate resources from anywhere.

Custom SD-WAN, SASE, and SSE

Architect and deploy cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs, enhancing security and performance across your network.

Network Micro-Segmentation

Implement full network micro-segmentation to isolate and protect critical assets, reducing the potential impact of breaches.

Vulnerability & Patch Management

Maintain the integrity of your systems with a systemic vulnerability management program that includes scanning, assessments and patch management based on risk, keeping your infrastructure up to date and secure.

Microsoft Sentinel SIEM

Deploy the world-class Microsoft Sentinel security information and event management solution, managed by either your IT team or our Managed Services group, to monitor and respond to security events in real-time.

24/7 SOC Services

Our security operations center (SOC), powered by best-in-bread technologies like Arctic Wolf and Sophos, monitors your IT environment for potential cybersecurity events 24/7. The experts in our SOC seamlessly integrate with your IT team to provide security recommendations and incident response customized for your business.

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