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CIO Fireside Chat: Securing Tomorrow, Today. How to Navigate Zero Trust. 

Is “Zero Trust Security” a viable strategy or just a trending buzzword? Wondering how you can truly and affordably implement a defense-in-depth strategy in a controlled and transparent manner?

In this live session, Rik Wright, CIO, The Channel Company, and Blue Mantis experts discussed: 

  • The true definition of zero trust. 
  • Steps to take to start your zero-trust journey. 
  • How to reimagine cybersecurity and compliance for your business. 
  • How to communicate with executive leadership, board of directors, and show true value. 
  • Pitfalls along the way and how to overcome. 

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Mario Brum headshot.

Mario Brum

Vice President Moderator

Jay Martin

Vice President Security, Blue Mantis Panelist

Don Lens

Senior Director, Security Transformation, Blue Mantis Panelist

Rik Wright

CIO, The Channel Company Panelist

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