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Data Center Network Assessment & Roadmap Design Helps Financial Institution Support Employees & Meet Aggressive Growth Goals

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  • Recent acquisition of a large bank that current environment could not support
  • Lack of documentation/visibility across three data centers
  • Limited bandwidth of IT personnel/strategic expertise

Solution Overview

A $164.4 billion financial institution with 10,000 employees had recently acquired a large bank and needed to ensure its three data center environments could support the new entity. Faced with a lack of documentation and limited visibility across its network architecture, it needed to identify and address any security vulnerabilities, performance gaps, or architecture inefficiencies. With limited IT staff and an upcoming audit, the institution asked Blue Mantis to analyze its current network state and deliver a roadmap that would support current and future growth.

Blue Mantis’ networking experts conducted in-depth interviews with the clients’ SMEs and then performed a comprehensive network assessment that included a data center network discovery; network topology diagrams; and a gap analysis. Based on their findings, Blue Mantis created a future state network design and roadmap to help the client mitigate risk, strengthen security and observability, and support its growth.

Business Outcomes

Visibility Across Network Assets

The project gave the client an up-to-date, accurate, and unified view across each of its data centers, including a thorough assessment of its physical assets (rack layouts, hardware, cabling); networking toolsets; switch configurations; and topology architecture.

Minimized Risk & Business Continuity

By identifying and documenting gaps in network reliability, availability, capacity, and failover, Blue Mantis was able to help the client increase security, ensure business continuity, and meet best-of-breed modern data center networking standards.

Support for Current State & Future Growth

The datacenter networking environment future state design and roadmap ensured that the client could deliver the performance and bandwidth necessary to support its employees as it aggressively pursues its growth goals.

Customer Benefits

  • Documentation of current network design with asset inventory
  • Identified gaps against architecture best practices
  • Recommendations and standards for operational recovery
  • Data center networking roadmap to achieve future state goals

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