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Why Blue Mantis for FinOps?

A 2023 study highlighted the critical need for IT leaders to optimize costs before and after cloud migrations, with billions potentially wasted due to inefficiencies. However, corporate finance teams at companies with fewer than 2,500 employees or less than $1M in annual cloud spend often lack the expertise in cloud cost management and optimization. Blue Mantis FinOps solutions address these challenges head-on, combining cloud visibility tools with world-class cost optimization professionals that get CIOs and CFOs on the same page when it comes to maximizing cloud IT investments.

Benefits of Blue Mantis FinOps

Reduce Cloud Expenses

Blue Mantis FinOps solutions help you significantly cut down your cloud costs by 30% or more while ensuring your workloads in AWS, Azure, and other top cloud service providers are optimized for performance, security, and cost-efficiency. 

Gain Transparency and Control

With our FinOps solutions, you maintain complete visibility and control over your cloud spending, enabling your CFO, CIO, and CEO to sync on how to make strategic, data-driven financial decisions in challenging times.

Unlock Hidden Budget Dollars

Our FinOps experts monitor all your cloud-based resources over time to suggest where you can reallocate budget to optimize your IT spending. Blue Mantis FinOps experts are certified by the non-profit FinOps Foundation and trained to objectively save you money.

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FinOps Solution Offerings

Assessment-Led Cost Optimization

Our FinOps experts conduct thorough assessments of your multi-cloud environments to identify and implement cost-saving measures without compromising performance.

Blue Mantis CloudLighthouse Dashboard

We share our unique cloud-based business intelligence technology with you to empower CIOs and CFOs with secure visibility into your cloud investments, ensuring both IT and Finance get data on optimal cloud performance and savings.

Continual Cloud Usage Monitoring and Optimization

Blue Mantis FinOps are delivered as a managed service that includes ongoing monitoring and optimization of your cloud usage, ensuring you’re always running efficiently and cost-effectively.

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