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Why Blue Mantis Technology Innovation Center (TIC)? 

With supply chain disruptions becoming more frequent and the expansion of remote and hybrid workforces increasing cybersecurity risks, the need for a reliable, efficient IT procurement process has never been more critical. Blue Mantis Technology Innovation Center offers a solution that not only addresses these challenges but also turns them into opportunities for seamless growth and innovation. Our customized provisioning and proactive device readiness ensure that your new user onboarding is predictable, secure, and insulated from supply chain volatilities.

Benefits of Technology Innovation Center (TIC)

Preconfigured IT Infrastructure

Procure IT hardware and software preconfigured for security and optimized for performance, ensuring your business locations and remote employees are equipped to succeed from day one.

Supply Chain Control

Attain end-to-end control over your hardware and software supply chains, helping you execute your IT strategies on time and within budget, regardless of external disruptions.

Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Productivity

Streamline your operations, optimize resource allocation, and enhance employee productivity. Our dedicated 15,000 sq ft. facility is SOC 2 and ISO 9001 certified, aligning with your compliance needs while supporting fast turnaround and escalated requests.

Technology Innovation Center (TIC) Solution Offerings

On-Demand Configuration and Delivery

Ensure your team has the tools they need without delay with rapid delivery of IT hardware, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Proactive Service Features

Gain fast turnaround and handle escalated requests efficiently, ensuring your IT procurement process is smooth and uninterrupted.

Certified Facility for Configuration, Testing, and Shipping

Collaborate with our solution architects and configuration technicians with Cisco-powered secure networking at our certified facility to set up every piece of hardware to your exact specifications and compliance requirements.

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