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Why Blue Mantis for Cloud PC and Desktop as a Service?

Navigating the complexities of today’s modern workspace can be challenging. With almost half (48%) of all workers operating remotely or in hybrid settings, and only a fraction of productivity metrics being tracked, many IT leaders are rethinking their IT infrastructure needs. Blue Mantis Cloud PC and Desktop as a Service solutions are specifically designed to streamline your IT operations, ensuring your team remains secure, agile, and productive—anywhere and everywhere they choose to work. 

Benefits of Cloud PC and Desktop as a Service

Empower Your Hybrid Workforce

We’re here to ensure your team’s performance never dips, regardless of their location. Blue Mantis custom-builds virtual desktop infrastructure solutions that are secure, scalable, and repeatable to keep your team connected and productive whether you have a scrappy group of ten employees or a globe-spanning workforce of ten thousand.

Secure Your Operations

Enhancing your security posture doesn’t have to mean sacrificing usability. Blue Mantis IT solutions are built with zero-trust security principles, and our Cloud PC and Desktop as a Service options empower your workforce to access their business-critical apps without worrying if user hardware and software updated—all while giving your complete control over company assets and data.

Simplify IT Management

Let us help you transform your IT landscape. We bring our expertise in Cybersecurity, Networking, Managed Services, and more to bear when creating Cloud PC and Desktop as a Service solutions. We build customized and turnkey solutions that optimize your total cost of ownership and enable your IT staff to shift their focus from daily management tasks to strategic initiatives that drive your business forward.

Cloud PC and Desktop as a Service Solution Offerings

Cloud PC Solutions

Enhance productivity and join the AI revolution with turnkey cloud PC options built on Microsoft Windows 365 with Copilot AI and delivered to any smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop for unparalleled ease of use. 

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Solutions

Support hybrid work at scale with managed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions based on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and Expedient Enterprise Workspace for optimized efficiency. 

Device Security and Management Solutions

Automate and secure employee devices with application and service delivery solutions built on Microsoft Intune and Zoho ManageEngine that you can either manage yourself or let Blue Mantis provide 24/7 support for maximum flexibility.

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