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Are Your Platform Engineering Techniques Ready for the Future? 

Get A Snapshot of Your Kubernetes Deployment

Let’s face it: tackling Kubernetes can be quite the challenge. Time and money are valuable resources, and IT leaders often find themselves spending a considerable amount of both navigating platform options, juggling resource management, and grappling with container security issues across various cloud setups. What if you had an AI-powered assessment that could determine the health and operational risks associated with any-sized Kubernetes deployment?

Blue Mantis has partnered with Nethopper to deploy their platform engineering technology to help you assess your AIOps and improve: 

  • Cloud infrastructure without the need for installing resource-intensive agents or hardware. 
  • Uncover potential security and performance risks associated with a Kubernetes deployment. 
  • View real-time analytics and actionable remediation instructions in clear, easy-to-understand language. 

To help you achieve your desired business outcome of enhancing your Kubernetes deployment, we’re offering a Polaroid camera, courtesy of Portworx by Pure Storage, for meeting with our team to learn more. This is a limited time offer, so don’t miss out. 

Let’s meet! Hold a discovery meeting with us and we’ll send you a Polaroid camera courtesy of Portworx by Pure Storage as a thank you for your time.