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An Update from GreenPages' CEO Ron Dupler

Our world has changed dramatically and suddenly over the past weeks, affecting each of us profoundly in both our personal lives and business endeavors.

I’ve addressed our team internally at GreenPages, but I want to reach out to all of you—whether you’re a new or a long-standing client, or a customer we’ve yet to work with. This message may be reaching you digitally, but its sentiment comes from an honest and genuine place.

As technologists, like all of you, we thrive on solving problems. Taking a particularly difficult challenge, holding it up to the light, measuring, calculating, testing, proving, and ultimately solving that problem is a reward in itself. These actions, performed with agility, creativity, and velocity, all push us to innovate beyond what we often think capable. It’s an intellectual pursuit; we’ve trained to be good at and we’re proud when we succeed.

But as this global crisis caused by COVID-19 continues testing us at the national, state, business, family, and individual level, we’re reminded that true innovation is driven by human character, and qualities such as listening, collaboration, support, encouragement, and sacrifice, are its fuel.

Throughout GreenPages’ 28 years in business, we’ve aspired to be the kind of company that customers trust and turn to for technology expertise. As such, I want to share with you some examples of how, just in the past several weeks, we’re helping customers support and maintain their organizational mandates and missions:

  • Deploying IT personnel onsite at two of our enterprise medical center clients to augment their security and networking teams
  • Rapid creation of comprehensive business continuity and pandemic response plans for local government agencies to support work-from-home environments
  • Securing additional software licensing to help several clients scale applications for their users within their contract and budget
  • Sourcing, configuring, and supplying hardware and additional laptops for key clients to support remote employees and contractors
  • Expanded Help Desk Managed Services for several clients to burst phone and ticket support due to increased demand from end users as they moved rapidly to work-from-home stances

The list is long and evolving; the main point is that we have numerous ways we can help you continue to provide essential services to your own users and customers.

As I told our team the other day, I am proud of how they have risen to this unprecedented challenge—by working around the clock for our clients, assuming responsibilities outside of job descriptions, and being the kind of people eager to take up the mantle and do what’s necessary.

It’s still too early to tell what the economic and personal impact of COVID-19 will be, but we do know it will be material. So, as IT leaders, we must continue to operate and prove that technology-enabled, digital-era companies can perform well through disruption, while also being a shining example of what we can accomplish together as colleagues and friends despite the major challenges that each of us are facing.

If there’s anything we can do to help, or anything I can personally facilitate for you, please reach out. We are all on the front lines and in this together.

Take Care,


Ron Dupler

Chief Executive Officer

GreenPages Technology Solutions