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VMware NSX vs. Cisco ACI: Where Are We Now?

Just over a year and a half ago, GreenPages posted a video of Nick Phelps, CTO of GreenPages’ partner, Underlay Networks; and held a webinar discussing how it’s not VMware NSX vs. Cisco ACI, but the synergistic benefits of running both VMware NSX and Cisco ACI simultaneously which was, at the time, a bit “science-fiction-y.” We discussed each solution’s strengths and drawbacks, which IT environments are better suited to each, and how they differ or complement each other. Fast forward to the present and the tech world has had plenty of time to test how these two products work together. It has become clear that these two platforms can be better utilized when they are leveraged together rather than when they are used apart from each other. Check out Nick’s update on why using both technologies together can create “a beautiful orchestra of automation!”

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