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The Four Zones Model: Maximizing the Business Value of IT

Business & IT Strategic Advisor, Peter Moore, works with CIO and leadership teams to help them find the right balance between running the business and changing the business. In doing so, he has developed something called the Four Zones Model. Each model is designed for different functions and helps IT function properly and most efficiently. The Four Zones Model includes the productivity zone, the performance zone, the incubation zone, and the transformation zone. The key overall principle behind the Four Zones Model is that, because the goals and objectives of these quadrants are so diverse, any set of IT management methods that create success in one zone is likely to cause failure in each of the other three. Check out the video below or download the entire Four Zones Model slide show that Peter presented at GreenPages Annual Cloudscape event this year, to learn how to avoid this problem and maximize the business value of IT within an organization.

Download the entire Four Zones Model slideshow