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Brand New Day for Blue Mantis


Last week, our company took a historic step into the future with the unveiling of a powerful and exciting new brand identity and the announcement of our name change to Blue Mantis.

This initiative – nearly a year in the making – was made possible by the hard and strategic work conducted by a litany of Blue Mantis team members, as well as external partners under the direction of our VP of Marketing extraordinaire, Sarah Foote.

I am incredibly proud of the significant effort that went into this project and extremely appreciative of everyone’s commitment to going the extra mile to make sure it was nothing short of a smashing success. Each and every one of our 350 employees have fully embraced this change. They have rallied around it and demonstrated an innate understanding of the significant opportunity we have to continue to drive growth both organically and through recently acquired entities – all while evolving to the modern, fresh tech brand that is Blue Mantis.

In recent weeks, I have been asked more than once, why Blue Mantis? The word mantis comes from Greek, meaning “one who divines, a seer, prophet.” Some scholars think that the ancient Greeks even believed that the mantis could help lost travelers find their way home. The mantis, which has been around for millions of years, is graceful, it moves with purpose and grace and evokes a sense of calm. But it is also a fierce predator. This is a unique combination. A blue mantis is particularly rare. This color reflects the nature of technology: blue skies, full of opportunity.

The new brand identity and name change reflect a new perspective and the infinite opportunity for everyone in the Blue Mantis ecosystem – our valued customers, partners, employees, and investors. However, this announcement is so much more than a new brand, name, tagline, and logo; it is a quantum leap in our own transformation. Blue Mantis better identifies who we are today and who we will be in the future.

Before we take that look ahead, it is important to celebrate our past. During our first 31 years in operation, as GreenPages, our company has been known for two fundamental traits: our ability to continuously evolve with, or ahead of tech market trends and our steadfast commitment to making sure our customers are successful.  Throughout our history – from components sourcing company to VAR to system integrator to our present phase as a leading national managed and cloud services provider delivering world-class services for cybersecurity, GitOps and FinOps, networking, carrier services, modern workspace solutions, and data center modernization, we have strived to excel, to meet market demand, to delight customers and above all, to innovate.

As Blue Mantis, those hallmarks of our brand, of our organization and of our mission do not change. Not one iota.

Since unveiling the new brand and name a week ago, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  And as Blue Mantis president Josh Dinneen aptly put it, “growth is funding this rebranding and then rebranding will fund some more growth.”

In my 18 years with this organization, I have never been more bullish.  We’ve never had a better team and we’ve never had a bigger opportunity in front of us.  We are very well positioned in a number of growing markets. And, we are delivering the mission-critical services that our clients need today more than ever before in our long history.

The future has never been brighter, and the future is now!

As our new tagline states, “Let’s Meet the Future.” 

Ron Dupler headshot.

Ron Dupler


Ron assumed the role of President and CEO of GreenPages (now Blue Mantis) in 2004 with a charter to drive and transform the organization’s technology delivery and solutions model. During his tenure, Ron has worked collaboratively with Blue Mantis’s leadership, team members, clients, and strategic technology partners to transform the company from a product-centric, value-added reseller to a leading managed services, cloud, and cybersecurity firm focused on helping clients compete successfully in the digital era through the innovative use of technology.

Under Ron’s leadership, Blue Mantis has received broad recognition, including being ranked #30 globally for Managed Services by CRN and #24 globally for Cloud Services by Talkin’ Cloud. Additional awards include CRN’s SP500 Company of the Year, Tech Elite 250, and Virtualization Tech Elite lists; MSPmentor 100 Top Global Managed Services Companies; and VMware’s Solution Provider of the Year, Desktop Virtualization Provider of the Year, and Virtualization of Business Critical Applications Global Partner of the Year. Ron is also a past recipient of VMware’s Partner Executive MVP in the Americas and a VAR 500 Executive of the Year.