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Get Started on Your Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Get Started on Your Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Are you concerned about the security of your valuable data in the cloud? Our experts will thoroughly assess your cloud setup to find any potential risks that leave your organization open to ransomware and other cyber attacks.

Find and fix security risks across AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes:

  • Blue Mantis Cloud Security Risk Assessments help identify, prioritize, and remediate cybersecurity risks and compliance issues across your entire cloud estate.
  • Powered by Orca Security’s agentless cloud-native platform, we connect into your AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes environments for 30 days, automatically including new assets as they are added.
  • This powerful tool enables Blue Mantis cloud security experts to detect risks quickly and without degrading the performance of crucial cloud-based assets for your employees.

Set up your no-cost assessment today.

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