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Hit the Ground Running Lenovo Webinar

Uncover Future-Ready Technology Solutions

Topic: Future-ready devices to accelerate your workforces

Overview: Modern workforces can be remote, hybrid, connected—and often overloaded. Since 2020, the amount of time employees spend in meetings has tripled and 68% of employees say they don’t have enough uninterrupted focus time. Time is a critical resource for a successful business—and AI promises to give your employees more time to be their best.

This session explores the future-ready devices, around-the-clock security features, and AI-focused innovations designed to accelerate your business in 2024 and beyond. Experts from Lenovo, Microsoft, and Intel will explore: 

  • How Windows 11, Copilot AI, and new Neural Processing Units (NPUs) will optimize your workforce’s precious time.
  • Why built-in security is a must-have for every organization deploying AI.
  • What AI-ready solutions are available today and why NPUs will make them better.

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