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Innovate & Modernize with AWS Cloud, DevOps, and Blue Mantis

AWS is the most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform globally, with millions of organizations using it to power their infrastructure and applications. With AWS, you can accelerate your business outcomes and optimize your IT costs. Blue Mantis’s certified AWS experts help you harness the full potential of cloud, whether you’re a new adopter or need to optimize your current deployment. We can design a cloud roadmap, migrate your workloads, and securely manage your AWS environment to achieve real digital agility.


Cloud Readiness & Opportunity Assessments

Making the decision to move to AWS is easy; making the business case of why, when, and how is more challenging. Cloud isn’t just a different data center; moving to and operating in the cloud requires careful, meticulous planning to ensure success. Blue Mantis helps you identify and mitigate where you may have people, process, or skill set gaps that could impede a migration. We also help you determine the necessary technology requirements and identify what workloads should move to the cloud, and in what order. Blue Mantis’s cloud readiness experts and business opportunity assessments give you a powerful, proven blueprint so you can scale your business with speed and security.


AWS Architecture Design

AWS presents a robust opportunity to transform your business with a seemingly infinite number of configuration options you can tailor to meet your needs. This complexity of choice can be overwhelming when it comes to optimized cloud design. Blue Mantis uses the six pillars of AWS’ Well-Architected Framework to ensure every AWS environment we build is operationally excellent, secure, reliable, efficient, cost optimized, and sustainable. In addition, Blue Mantis leverages both native AWS tool sets along with best-of-breed partner technologies to deliver modern cloud infrastructures optimized to perform with velocity.


AWS Security & Governance

Gartner estimates that 99% of cloud security failures are the fault of the customer—not public cloud providers. In addition to the risk and operational complexity of connecting networks and migrating workloads to the cloud, most cloud consultants don’t have the in-depth cybersecurity knowledge to protect these environments properly. Blue Mantis’s nationally recognized team of cloud cybersecurity experts craft control policies for data protection and cloud compliance based on NIST, CIS, PCI, HIPAA (and other frameworks) to protect sensitive data and intellectual property across your AWS environment. From automated access controls to policy as code, we embed cybersecurity best practices into every AWS architecture we build, so you can meet compliance mandates, minimize risk, and safeguard your business against cybersecurity threats.


AWS Cloud FinOps & Cost Optimization

The ability to scale resources quickly in AWS drives business agility, but poorly governed environments can lead to cloud sprawl and sunk costs. While continuous cost optimization is crucial, many companies lack the tools or skills to do this well. Using best-of-breed technologies, including Blue Mantis’s proprietary CloudLighthouse tool, we give clients visibility into their current AWS spend, as well as uncover areas for future cost optimization based on historical usage patterns and predictive analytics. Best of all, we deliver this as an affordable service at a fraction of the cost of a full-time expert on staff, so you can maximize your budget to accelerate growth.


AWS Managed Services

Clients that have successfully migrated their critical IT workloads to AWS often struggle with the resources necessary to effectively manage and secure their cloud environments on Day 2. But buying additional cloud management tools or allocating more IT staff time to manage your AWS cloud is a step backward on the path to modern digital agility. Blue Mantis’s Managed Services provides monitoring, management, and backup of your AWS cloud resources, as well as 24/7 protection against the latest cyber threats with our managed threat detection and response capabilities. We also offer monthly cloud business reviews to analyze your AWS accounts from a business, cost, and architectural perspective, including simplified reporting and custom dashboards, and an expert team available to answer questions or escalate any issues with your AWS environment.


Software-Defined IT Modernization

The promise of streamlined operations and reduced costs have enticed many CIOs to adopt DevOps and containerization. But with so many disparate technologies across multi-cloud environments, IT departments lack real-time visibility and struggle to manage distributed configurations—not to mention the complexity that security and compliance adds to every step in the process.​ Blue Mantis’s AWS DevOps experts can help clients refactor their critical business applications through automation. Our proprietary cloud-native platform unifies, simplifies, and secures your various DevOps tools and processes into a managed service. We deploy secure Kubernetes containers and GitOps processes that reduce the time required to build and release code: from only two weeks compared to two months for a 3X gain in dev velocity. For companies with teams of DevOps engineers, this direct-indirect savings can easily reach into the millions of dollars.​

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Blue Mantis’s cross-certified AWS experts provide you with strategies and best practices for cloud design, migration, security, and management so you can deliver services to your business with greater agility.


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