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Platform Engineering: A Turnkey Managed GitOps Platform 

Redefine your software development lifecycle.

Platform Engineering is a GitOps code delivery platform from Blue Mantis that’s customized for your business and delivered as a turnkey managed service.

Deliver Code 50% Faster With Platform Engineering 

Platform Engineering automates and secures your DevOps with the power of Git, delivering a managed GitOps as a service platform that enables development teams to increase software deployment speeds by up to 50 percent—which potentially saves CIOs and CTOs millions of dollars on their heavily-scrutinized IT budgets. 

Platform Engineering Is Managed GitOps As A Service

Platform Engineering removes barriers between developers and IT operations at your organization. Blue Mantis partnered with industry leaders Nethopper and CloudTruth to combine multiple DevOps tools and world-class cloud infrastructure into a single unified platform. You get a turnkey platform of secure Git repositories with integrated tools to automate, secure, and observe key aspects of your DevOps. 

Enhance Security Without Sacrificing Productivity

Platform Engineering helps you increase productivity for your IT teams with a unified GitOps platform delivered as a managed service. It also enables you to reduce time to market, accelerate development velocity, and enhance security without sacrificing productivity using holistic platform-level observability and dynamic secret rotation. 

Platform Engineering Technology Partners


Renowned for their Kubernetes Application Operations Platform as a Service (KAOPS), they offer innovative solutions for secure and straightforward application management across clouds. 


Their unique Dynamic Secrets & Config Engine technology is instrumental in automating distributed configurations while detecting potential vulnerabilities in code, enhancing the developer experience. 

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See How Platform Engineering Accelerates Your Time to Market

Blue Mantis can assess your current environment and provide you with actionable improvement strategies. Our assessments scale with your business needs, leveraging AIOps (AI Operations) and digital twin technologies to find ways to boost developer productivity without compromising security. Reach out to schedule your Platform Engineering assessment today.

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