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Barracuda Case Study – Comprehensive Data Backup and Email Protection for Large Hotel Property Management Company

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A large hotel property management company was grappling with
two significant challenges:

  • Supporting their over 100 locations in North America with a robust backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution for their VMware-based server infrastructure
  • Protecting their cloud-native Microsoft 365 enterprise email with a comprehensive email protection platform

Solution Overview

Blue Mantis assessed the company’s IT environment and developed a solution based on a single vendor: Barracuda. An industry leader in secure data storage, Blue Mantis deployed the customized Barracuda solution at scale for the client. If any corporate data stores were compromised or became unavailable, the IT department could securely access clean versions of their data stored in Barracuda Backup and start a virtual machine with that data in minutes.

This comprehensive solution reduced the number of vendors involved and costs incurred while protecting against the most advanced cybersecurity threats to corporate communications such as business email compromise and account takeovers.

Business Outcomes

Increased Security Posture

Enhanced email protection and increased resilience against threats, reducing potential security incidents and costs.

Reduced Downtime

Minimal downtime with fast data recovery, improving efficiency

Empowered to Innovate

Improved IT operational efficiency with reduced costs using a single vendor.

Customer Benefits

  • Enhanced operational resilience with reliable backup and DR solution.
  • Ensured data availability  and business continuity.
  • Increased options for fast restoration to reduce downtime.
  • Improved email security posture with comprehensive, multi-layered protection.
  • Reduced cost, simplified management, and quick incident response.

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