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Leading Resort Casino Bolsters Their Cybersecurity with Blue Mantis

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  • The IT leadership at the casino had multiple concerns, especially in the areas of obtaining cyber insurance and meeting the stringent regulatory requirements of the casino and resort industry
  • Given the vast amount of data casino and resort collects from their patrons and employees, there was an urgent need to enhance their IT security team’s incident response times
  • Additionally, they aimed to ensure all legal and regulatory compliance in their data security

Solution Overview

After evaluating various cybersecurity providers, this major resort casino selected Blue Mantis to bolster their cybersecurity measures. Blue Mantis undertook a thorough risk analysis of the casino’s IT environment to understand the potential vulnerabilities and threats.

Based on this analysis, Blue Mantis designed tabletop exercises to pinpoint incident response gaps in the resort casino’s existing processes. These exercises helped in identifying areas of improvement and potential vulnerabilities. Furthermore, Blue Mantis furnished this customer with a concrete remediation plan, outlining steps to address and mitigate any cybersecurity incidents.

Business Outcomes

Enhanced Security Posture

Through a comprehensive risk analysis, the casino’s leaders gained a clearer understanding of their IT environment’s vulnerabilities, enabling them to take proactive measures.

Improved Incident Response

Loftware gained specialized cloud cost management tools and services tailored to their specific business needs through the Blue Mantis FinOps solution.

Regulatory Compliance

With the actionable remediation plan provided by Blue Mantis, the casino was better equipped to maintain compliance with industry-specific legal and regulatory standards for data security.

Customer Benefits

  • Protects valued customer and employee data with a strategic cybersecurity and risk management solution
  • Increases confidence in maintaining regulatory compliance with cyber-incident response and mitigation plans
  • Enhances their status as a trusted entertainment destination for millions of visitors every year

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