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Real Estate Leaders Masiello Group Unifies Their Business Communications on Microsoft Teams with Blue Mantis

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At a Glance


  • Masiello’s approximately 1,000 users leveraged Cisco Webex for online meetings and personal cell phones for their business voice calls
  • This setup was not only fragmented and expensive, but also inefficient for a multi-state real estate powerhouse
  • The firm had invested in Microsoft Teams, but didn’t have the internal IT staff to enable phone calling through Teams without potentially disrupting their business productivity

Customer Benefits

  • Transformed their existing Microsoft Teams into a full-fledged phone system that replaced their aging legacy onsite hardware
  • Enabled remote work flexibility with a secure 100% cloud-powered phone solution
  • Reduced TCO and increased time to value through a no-cost trial and quick user onboarding process


Blue Mantis offered Masiello a no-cost 30-day trial of their Microsoft Teams Voice Calling solution. This secure cloud solution transformed the existing Microsoft Teams apps already in use by Masiello’s workers into a full-fledged business phone system. Blue Mantis deployed the Microsoft Teams Voice Calling solution quickly, enabling all workers to use it in less than a week.

Along with the speedy Teams Voice deployment, Blue Mantis provided an AI-powered virtual receptionist that routes phone calls to any of the 700+ real estate agents via voice recognition. This feature, combined with eliminating their legacy Webex licenses, resulted in a significant annual cost saving for The Masiello Group.

Business Outcomes

Enhanced Communication Efficiency

By integrating Microsoft Teams for both internal and external communications. The unified platform simplified processes, reducing the time and effort previously spent on managing multiple communication tools.

Reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership

Transitioning to the Microsoft Teams Voice Calling solution from Blue Mantis allowed Masiello to eliminate their expenditure on Webex and optimize their Microsoft 365 licenses, leading to a reduction in the total cost of ownership without sacrificing the firm’s operational productivity and security.

Minimized Disruptions to Daily Operations

Deploying Teams Voice in less than a week minimized disruptions to Masiello’s daily operations. The use of an AI-powered virtual receptionist along with the familiarity of Microsoft Teams ensured a smooth transition and quick adoption by all users, further enhancing productivity.

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