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Large Restaurant Chain Rolls Out 3,000+ Devices with Help from Blue Mantis

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  • Large restaurant chain’s IT leaders had to stage and configure large quantity of tablets and accessories to geographically-dispersed locations
  • All devices needed to be configured for security and ready to go right out of the box
  • Shipments needed to be coordinated with onsite tech schedules for installation

Customer Benefits

  • Lowered operational and capital expenditure costs by using Blue Mantis’ resources
  • Eliminated possible project delay by shipping all devices early
  • The customer’s techs were able to deploy all 3,000+ devices easily and on schedule


The restaurant chain partnered with Blue Mantis to leverage the IT solution provider’s state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2015-certified Tech Innovation Center (TIC). Blue Mantis TIC engineers set up a lab mimicking the customer network using a firewall and access point where all tablets, docking stations, and other peripherals were configured, imaged, tested, and packaged in custom, easily-identifiable boxes. Blue Mantis then shipped all of the devices to arrive three days prior to the planned installation date to account for any shipping complications.

Business Outcomes

Lowered Costs

The solution lowered operational costs by engaging Blue Mantis’ engineers to perform all of the technical configuration services. It also lowered capital expenditure costs due to not renting or purchasing staging space.

Reduced Risks & Shortened Timelines

By using the Blue Mantis TIC services, there was no need for the customer to use valuable IT staff time spent configuring. Due to the custom and identifiable packaging, there was a reduced risk of losing shipments.

Seamless Deployment

The solution resulted in shipments delivered safely and on time to each location. All devices were configured correctly to the customers’ exact specifications, allowing the customer’s techs to deploy easily and on schedule.

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