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WinnCompanies' Internal IT Help Desk Capabilities Get a Boost from Blue Mantis and HP

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  • Augmenting their onsite IT with remote help desk services
  • Efficient management of their Windows 10 employee devices, necessitating meticulous asset tracking, system updates, and antivirus protection
  • Expert assistance for specialized projects beyond the scope of their in-house IT capabilities, including advanced networking setups and office cabling

Solution Overview

To address these critical needs, WinnCompanies partnered with Blue Mantis to provide their organization with a comprehensive set of IT solutions to meet these critical business needs.

Blue Mantis worked with WinnCompanies’ IT leaders to provide remote help desk support, ensuring rapid resolution of IT queries for WinnCompanies’ hybrid workforce. Procure and manage HP laptops and workstations, including inventory control and security updates for every IT asset. Also, worked to take on project-specific requests so WinnCompanies’ internal IT teams could focus on strategic IT operations. Lastly, helped to implement a secure corporate network at all locations.

Business Outcomes

Remotely Delivered IT Help Desk Services

With remotely delivered IT help desk services by Blue Mantis, the internal IT staff at WinnCompanies not only ensures minimal downtime and disruptions for their employees at large but can also focus their limited budgets on revenue-generating IT projects.

Reduced Business Risks

The solution reassured private equity stakeholders and regulators that the firm was meeting additional, complex legal compliance requirements—validation instrumental in the firm’s ability to raise equity.

Empowered to Innovate

With a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to monitor, identify, and triage any threats in real-time, the firm’s IT team was able to free up time to focus on projects to drive innovation and business velocity.

Customer Benefits

  • Enhanced operational efficiency, reducing downtime and allowing reallocation of IT budgets towards growth-focused projects
  • Guaranteed up-to-date and secure HP hardware for all employees no matter where they choose to work
  • Access to specialized IT expertise from Blue Mantis for complex projects such as cybersecurity and network infrastructure upgrades

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