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Transform organizational productivity, enable secure remote work, and rapidly automate business processes through cloud innovation and optimization.

Foster Ingenuity to Drive Your Business with Microsoft + Blue Mantis

Almost every company uses some form of Microsoft technology to run their business. From world-class secure cloud infrastructure to collaboration services built on advanced artificial intelligence, Microsoft provides IT organizations with powerful, pervasive, and integrated technology platforms. Blue Mantis’s talented team of certified Microsoft experts is exclusively trained to optimize, secure, and manage these business-critical environments to help clients compete in the modern digital era.

Areas of Microsoft Expertise

Whether migrating to Microsoft 365 or Azure, or simply optimizing the Microsoft technologies you already own, Blue Mantis helps you leverage Microsoft’s full portfolio of offerings. From the Teams collaboration platform that enables innovation to the Azure cloud environments that help clients automate IT at scale, our experts integrate zero-trust protection policies into every Microsoft solution to safeguard your users and data.



Whether it’s protecting company data or identifying external threats, security requires constant due diligence and strengthening as new attack vectors emerge. Advanced persistent threats are worse than ever in the new normal of hybrid workforces. To protect clients, Blue Mantis applies a zero-trust security approach to every Microsoft solution we design and deliver. Our experts build, deploy, and manage comprehensive multicloud security solutions based on Microsoft Entra identity and access technologies to safeguard your applications, data, and cloud workloads so you can securely scale with speed and agility.



The workplace is in transition. The new hybrid work model creates both opportunities as well as challenges for every company across every industry. Employees need and expect to collaborate securely from anywhere, on any device, putting IT under immense pressure to deliver. Blue Mantis’s Microsoft experts build and implement collaboration environments that empower users to meet, chat, call, and innovate together while giving IT teams the tools to flexibly manage and rigorously secure apps and data across multicloud platforms.


Infrastructure Modernization

Many organizations today want to get out of the datacenter business. Moving to the cloud can optimize IT costs and free up human capital to proactively focus on innovation vs. reactively putting out fires. Migrating your infrastructure to Azure enables you to run your business on a secure, agile, and highly available cloud foundation so you can drive your business with velocity. Blue Mantis’s migration approach provides clients with prescriptive and proven strategies tailored to your organization’s needs, including state-of-the art integration services and a cloud adoption roadmap so you can accelerate adoption of Microsoft technologies with clarity and confidence.


Modern Data Architecture & Governance

Historically, legacy data management warehouses are monolithic and expensive, requiring a huge amount of time to index, build, and manage. But with modern approaches for internal content sharing and cloud data architecture design, companies have new options. Blue Mantis helps clients build cost-effective content management and data architectures using advanced Microsoft platforms and tools such as SharePoint and Power BI for file sharing and data visualization across departments and teams, and enterprise-grade cloud data architectures in Azure using Databricks, Data Lake Storage, and Data Factory for advanced analytics, orchestration, storage, and reporting. 


Azure Cloud FinOps & Cost Optimization

As companies running cloud workloads know, the work doesn’t end with a successful migration, it’s just beginning. The pendulum cost on the cloud operations side is a complex challenge and “setting and forgetting” is a sure recipe for cloud sprawl and sunk costs. Blue Mantis’s Cloud FinOps experts analyze your current Azure performance and usage patterns to optimize your spend so you’re only paying for the cloud you need, when you need it. We also generate accurate, predictive cloud analytics so you can forecast your future Azure budget and uncover opportunities for further cost optimization.


Managed Services

It’s challenging enough to manage and maintain traditional on-prem IT environments but add in the complexity of SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure workloads, and the job becomes herculean. Blue Mantis’s award-winning, live body, 24x7x365 managed services team supports client Microsoft 365 and Azure multicloud environments and the end users who rely on those applications every day. No matter the service level you choose—from monitoring to provisioning to a fully managed cloud experience—Blue Mantis eliminates the administrative burden of updating and securing your Microsoft technologies so you can spend time driving the more strategic digital initiatives that grow your business.

Why Blue Mantis for Microsoft?

Blue Mantis helps clients improve employee productivity and satisfaction with seamless communication and collaboration across locations and platforms—all while maintaining the security and integrity of your systems and data.


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IT executives estimate that more than 30% of their cloud spending is wasted. The question is which 30%.

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